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Westville Lake Community Trail
Westville Lake

Length:    1.8 mi  (3 km)   Loop

Uses:    Bicycling
Dogs - On Leash
Snow - Skiing, Cross Country

No Motor Vehicles - ATV Riding
Bird Watching

County:    Worcester
Nearest Town(s):    Sturbridge Southbridge
Westville Lake Community Trail image 1
Trail loops around the 23 acre Westville Lake Flood Damage reduction project. 2/3rds of trail is on abandoned Rail Road bed and project service roads, the remaining third is a cross country terrain trail.
Destination:    Park to Dam and back
Fees:    none
Trailheads:    At the Interpretive Kiosk, Parking lot outside of the Recreation park., Wallace Rd . Sturbridge, or you can access the trail at the Project office, and Dam site, located at 200 Marjorie Lane in Southbridge    
Destination Type:    Lake
Season:    Spring - Summer- Fall -Winter
Not Reported        
5   Bench
3   Gate
7   Kiosk    
Typical grade Typical Grade is 3.4%
19% of the trail is 8 % to 24%
555 ft (169 m) is 12 % to 24%

Maximum Grades are:
24% for 20 ft  (6 m) at 6701  (2042 m)
24% for 16 ft  (5 m) at 6923  (2110 m)
23% for 48 ft  (15 m) at 6458  (1968 m)
Typical tread width Typical Tread Width is 113  in (288  cm)
Tread Width ranges from 54  in (137  cm) to 167  in (424  cm)
Minimum Clearance 45 in (114 cm)

Minimum Clearance Widths are:
12 in  (30 cm)  for 21 ft  (6 m)  at 2490 ft  (759 m)    
Typical cross slope Typical Cross Slope is 2.9%
8% of the trail is  5 % to 11%
35 ft (11 m) is  8 % to 11%

Maximum Cross Slopes are:
11% for 10 ft  (3 m) at 14  (4 m)
9% for 25 ft  (8 m) at 6458  (1968 m)
8% for 16 ft  (5 m) at 4478  (1365 m)
Primary surface Primary Trail Surface is Crushed Stone (Fines)
100% of the trail is Firm or better
0 ft  (0 m)  of the trail is Firm

Surfaces are:
64% of trail is Crushed Stone (Fines)

17% of trail is Aggregate/Gravel
17% of trail is Asphalt
Obstructions:    Rut   3 in.        
Hazards:    Not Reported        
Westville Lake Community Trail
Westville Lake
Wallace Rd
Sturbridge,  MA  01566
Phone:    (508) 347-3705
FAX:    (508) 347-8732

Cumulative Elevation Gain:   
165 ft  (50 m)
Cumulative Elevation Loss:   
165 ft  (50 m)
Level of Usage:       Medium
An 8% grade is a standard ramp.
Level surfaces can have up to a 2% cross slope.
Obstructions were measured within a 120 in (3 m) wide by 120 in (3 m) high trail tread area.
Obstructions less than 0.5 in (2.5 cm) in height were not measured.
Minimum clearance width boundaries were at least 0.5 in (2.5 cm) in height.

Trail conditions may have changed since this trail was assessed.
Temporary obstructions (e.g. landslides) may not have been mapped.
Maximum grades and cross slopes may vary.

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